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Duklingia Tea Estate

The makers of coveted Assam Tea.
700 Hectares of lush

On the banks of the Majuli river in Assam, the Duklingia Tea Estate is host to sheer corporate pride. The industry’s own manna dew, Duklingia’s teas are a kill-for, and its prices teasingly ahead of the rest in its pool, much as its humbling reception by our guests and customers makes it the most gratifying experience for planters. Duklingia, the heart of many tales of war, agriculture, the Raj, the company and tribal life and economy, also hosts perhaps Asia’s richest living experience in its colonial-style bungalows, and is the standing pride of the region due to its unending expanse of over 700 acres, quality, palatial houses, and aromatic teas.

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