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Kartick Tea Estate

Rydak & Kartick ~ Twin Estates.
Foothills of Darjeeling

At the foothills of the Darjeeling Hills and far north in Bengal, our two twin estates, Kartick, and the title estate, Rydak, produce some of the sub-continent’s most heartening cups, having dominated the corporate landscape for years as a mean No. 1 at auctions.

Born ourselves in the tempestuous albeit regal and memorable years of our Independence struggle, in 1898, our mammoth family now combines inclusions of over 3 quarters of the last century, with mergers of the Baradighi, Mangaldai, Central Cachar, Rydak, and other tea companies from 1940 to 1960, to produce what the corporates call conglomerates, and we call family. In the final year of colonial India, in 1948, we joined the ever-expanding neighbourhoods of the Jardine Henderson group of companies, that was passing into the hands of its first Indian masters, and, ever since, have become the greatest pride of their many diverse businesses.

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