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Baradighi Tea Estate

Long famed for its beauty and proximity to national reserves
Visit the Baradighi Bungalow

A little to the south from the foothills of the Darjeeling Hills and far north in Bengal, Baradighi Estate, the firm’s aesthetic pride, is a breath-taking, lush and memorable expanse of 600 acres, producing some the strongest teas for out pan-India consumers, with gleaming black grains that delight the eyes as much as the heart.

In 2019, the Baradighi Tea Estate, long famed for its beauty and proximity to national reserves, rivers, hill stations, the Bhutan border and various scenic spots and tourist locations, opened its doors to tourism. The grand Baradighi superintending manager’s bungalow, once having hosted the Viceroy of India, was converted to a hotel. Baradighi, like all estates, is a vast community and practical village of its own, with distinct lifestyles, people and tourist spots. There are various indoors and outdoors activities and local experiences to be had, and the luxury retreat is open throughout the year to tourists.

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