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Luxe Brewed Elegance

Explore a flavorful journey with our dramatic tea selection. From the bold richness of Assam Black to the delicate allure of Brown, each sip offers a unique experience. Dive into aromatic depths and savor the smooth sweetness. Find your perfect cup in every sip

Rydak Premium Tea 

Tea lovers themselves, the makers of Rydak Premium Tea assort teas from the haven of tea-drinking erudition- Assam’s Duklingia Tea Estate. Sold in select packs in teasingly small lots, it brings the freshness and fragrance of the parent bush to your tea tables.

Serispore Tea

From the esteemed Serispore Tea Estate in the Cachar region, is meticulously selected by expert tea tasters. This premium single estate packet is renowned for its quality and is a favorite at auction markets in Cacha

Kopati Tea

A small part of the yearly produce is dedicated to creating fine, unblended teas that bear the undiluted pedigree of the Kopati Tea Estate, and its 700 acres of quality green bush.

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