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Our History

Born ourselves in 1898, our mammoth family combines inclusions of over 3 quarters of the last century, with mergers of the Baradighi, Mangaldai, Central Cachar, Rydak, and other tea companies from 1940 to 1960, to produce what the corporates call conglomerates, and we call family. In 1948, we joined the ever-expanding neighbourhoods of the Jardine Henderson group of companies and become the greatest pride of their many diverse businesses.

Teas with a difference

Rydak stands as a beacon in the tea realm, a guardian of India's rich tea heritage that flourished in the 19th and 20th centuries. Each sip of our tea is a journey through time, embodying the art, legacy, and philosophies of a bygone era. Crafted with the wisdom of tea aficionados, our select brews are rare gems, offered in limited quantities to preserve their essence straight from the bush to your cup.
Born amid the fervor of India's independence struggle in 1898, Rydak has woven a family tapestry from the mergers of legendary estates like Baradighi, Mangaldai, and Central Cachar. This union, spanning over three-quarters of a century, transcends the notion of a corporate conglomerate, embodying instead a rich lineage, a gathering of souls bound by tradition and the timeless ritual of tea.

Our People

We are a team of the most erudite men of letters, remnants of the tea-tasting days of the Raj, the fresh face of youth that run our estates, the experienced faces that an entire industry banks upon, and the minds that continue to re-invent Rydak in newer avatars.

Our lives at Rydak are a universe in themselves. Home to thousands of people, and the lifeblood of generations that have served us, the tastes, insignias, corporate culture and rich colonial history of Rydak Syndicate are collector’s items in themselves.

26403 Workers

150 Cr. Turnover

5 Million KGs Of Tea

3500 Hectares

Why Us

Our Estates

Our Title Estate. Tucked in the foothills of Darjeeling

Our Title Estate. Tucked in the foothills of Darjeeling

The makers of coveted Assam Tea, 

700 hectares of lush

The home of great tea. Duklingia & Kopati.

A tea treasure

Get lost in the grandeur of nature. 

Time stands still at Serispore

Our Shop





This website is the property of Rydak Syndicate Limited, a public company registered in West Bengal, India.

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